Natural Monument Bear Rock

Since 1993 it has been recognised as “natural monument of the Sardinian Region”. It consists of a huge granite rock which has been shaped over the years into the form of a bear. From the top of the hill, 120 m above sea level, you will enjoy a unique and fascinating view of the bay. A naturalist path allows to rich the Bear rock easily, even under “the bear’s belly”. Getting so close is not possible to see the typical shape but the greatness of the rock is impressive and it frames the gorgeous view.

From 25th March to 31st October: from 9 a.m. till sunset
From 1st November to 24th March: advance bookings only

Adults rate: € 3,00
Reduced rate: (under 18 years old) € 2,00
Under 11years old free
• This track is a 15 – minute walk
• Length of track 540 meters
• The gradient is 15-23%
• Difference in elevation of the track 60 meters

Visitors have to follow the security instructions. It is forbidden:
• to stray from the recommended path
• to climb onto the rocks
• to cross the barriers
• to smoke (due to a high risk of fires)

Respect every aspect of nature; in order to keep the balance of nature as well as to respect other visitors it is strictly forbidden:
• to leave any rubbish
• to cause any damage, disturb or catch animals
• to destroy, damage or take any nests or animal holes
• to pick any kind of plants, fruit or mushrooms
• to take with you or damage rocks or parts of them
• to cause any noise and disturb the quiet atmosphere of nature
• to use bikes or any motor vehicles on the track
• to walk dogs without lead and muzzle