Fortezza di Monte Altura

Monte Altura Fortress
The Monte Altura Fortress is situated North West of the town of Palau, in a dominating position easily reached by the old military road which winds itself through the Residential area of Porto Rafael.
For fear that the enemy would occupy the hills from Punta Sardegna to Capo d’Orso, threatening the Naval Base of La Maddalena, in 1884 the military commission decided to build a series of forts to defend the Coast, creating a sort of “entrenched camp”, occupying the hills of Altura, Baragge and Capo d’Orso.
Along the street that leads to the fort there are numerous buildings which once served as purpose for:
• Housing units for Non-commissioned Officers
• Stable
• Storehouse
• Shed
• Lodging pavilion for Officers with garden
On the street that leads to “La Padula”, there was a large Storehouse.

Just beyond the entrance, onto the courtyard there were also:

• Battery for four 75 mm cannons, mod. n° 1;
• L) Barracks for 100 men;
• M) Kitchen, warehouse and washroom;
From the large courtyard which has a large incline that goes from 87 mt to 112 mt above sea level, we reach the shooting range:
• P) 6 280 mm Howitzer Battery mounted on a hydro pneumatic disappearing gun carriage, Armstrong model.
• Q) Two 149 mm Cannon disappearing Battery model C, mounted on an articulated gun carriage
• R) Four 57 mm cannons, model H 
The artillery was completed by two 25 mm machine guns, model A,
Within the walls of the Fort and under the various batteries there were:
• Telephone Office;
• Guardhouse;
• Non-commissioned officer’s barracks;
• Weapon room;
• Chamber for 75mm cannon ammunition;
• Chamber for 280 mm howitzer ammunition;
• Chamber for 57 mm cannon ammunition;
To complete the fort there were two large water reservoirs, one for drinking water and one for all other uses. Drinking water was supplied by tankers while the rest of the water was rain water that was filtered into the reservoir through a system of ducts throughout the fort which channeled in all the rain water.
The entire fort was built using granite, which was from that same area.